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City Gardens Flower Mill
231 10th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN, 55415USA

We provide flower delivery to the following areas:

Minneapolis and Saint Paul

We deliver to the following local hospitals and nursing homes:

Hennepin, Children’s Hosp, Regency, Abbot, University, Shiners, Aliln, Unity, Fairview Transplant, Camden, Minneapolis Heart, Veterans, Birthplace at Fairview, St. Jude, Whittier Clinic, Fairview Recovery, Piper, Regional, St. Joseph's, Valley Hirise, Bethesda, HealthEast, United Chemo, GL Ctr, Asera Care, Epiphany, Chandler, First America, Waterford Manor, Tealwood, HIghland, The Pines, New Brighton, Hamline, Fairview University, Fairview Southdale, Abbott Northwestern, Bethesda, Children's Hospital and Amplantz Children's Hospital

We provide delivery to the following funeral homes:

Sunset, Kapala-Glodek, Gearhart, Crystal Lake, Evans-Nordby, Bradshaw, Waterson, Miller-Heights, MIller, Methven-Taylor, Contemporary, Helen Van Zant, Enga-White-Gleason, Holcomb_henry-Bloom, Willwerscheld, Brooks, Ohalloran, Wulff, Johnson_Perterson, Kessier & Maguire, Anderson, Legacy, Shoreview, Lake Mortuary, Maple Oaks Funeral Home, Mattson Funeral Home, Metro Funeral Home, Miller-Brighton Funeral Home, Muller-Bies Chapel, Muller Parkway Chapel, O'Halloran & Murphy, Phalen Park Funeral Home, Roberts Funeral Home, Roseville Memorial Chapel, Sandberg Funeral Home, Simonet Funeral Home, Speilman Mortuary, Southern Funeral Home, West Funeral Home, West-Heights, Memorial Chapel, Willwerschied & Peters, Wulff Family Services, Godbout Mortuary, Woodlane Mortuary, and Crestwood Park Mortuary

We also deliver to the following schools:

Da Vinci, Robbinsdale, Della Salie, Spring Lake, Henry Senior, Brooklyn Center, Anwatin, Washburn, Columbia Heights, Southwest, St. Louis Park, Fridley, Totino-Grace, Robbinsdale Cooper, Richfield, Conn Rapids, Blaine, Edison, North, Roosevelt, St. Anthony Village, Edina, Kennedy, Crossroads Nights, Transition Plus, Delasaile, Loring-nicollet, Pease Academy, Lincoln, Watershed, Harrison, M.E.R.C, Aurora, Highview, Calvin Christian, Odyssey, Menlo Park, University of MN, Dunwoody and Vesper